Combat Medic Pill I
Romaji Unknown
English Combat Medic Pill I
Classification Food Pill
Element N/A
Rank C
Dmg Type N/A
Use Transformation
Known Users
<Name Here>

Jutsu Description

Produced by Nagamura Pharmaceuticals, this pill was created as a battlefield solution to healing allies mid-combat. Variating off the Medical Mode series, it digs into natural resources to bring better sewing of chakra and seals to increase the efficiency of healing. Added onto this, it sends adrenaline in a large amount into the bloodstream and creates greater awareness, giving the body a boost in speed and reaction time and allowing Ninjutsu to be spun at a greater rate. This allows healing to take less time, as well as allowing offensive and defensive Ninjutsu to be cast more effectively.

Skill Requirements: Medic Nin and at least 1 D-Rank Medical-Related Transformation

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