Combat Medic Seal I
Combat Medic Seal I
Romaji N/A
English Combat Medic Seal I
Classification Ninjutsu
Element None
Rank D
Damage Type N/A
Use Transformation
Style Med-Nin Seal Mastery
Skill Modifiers +1 Nin, +1 Seal
Skill Creator
Sano, Kirito
Known Users
Sano, Kirito

Skill Description

Time is precious, for a Medic-Nin, the difference between life and death can be seconds. This seal was create because of that, a Medic-Nin with skills in seals can create the Combat Medic seal. The seal is located on on the back of the ninja's hands, as hand seals are formed and chakra is channeled, these seals store small amounts of chakra. When these seals are activated it creates two effects, the first being the release of chakra allows the Ninja to create hand seals more efficiently and the second is that it increases the ninjas overall ability with Ninjutsu.

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