Combustion Cyclone
Combustion Cyclone
English Combustion Cyclone
Classification Taijutsu
Element Combination
Rank C
Damage Type Blunt Fire
Use Attack
Style Explosive Fist Style
Skill Modifiers Counter + Elemental Taijutsu
Known Users

Skill Description

The techinique employs series of palm strikes and chops while having the hand coated with explosive chakra. Like Explosive Strike the jutsu causes more of a concusion than an explosion when hitting. By moving the legs in a direction and quickly changing the direction of the step, the user is capable of avoiding a blow or partially avoiding it. This can sometimes also make an opening on the opponnent allowing the ninja to counter. The same quick changing of direction can be used on the hands to confuse the opponent about where the next strike is being aimed.

Does Damage: Yes
Stamina Cost: 400
Chakra Cost: 200
Hit Roll Dice: SPD + TAI
Damage Roll Dice: POW + SEAL

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