Communication Seal
Communication Seal
Romaji Unknown
English Communication Seal
Classification Ninjutsu
Element N/A
Rank B
Dmg Type Seal
Use Attack/Skill
Known Users
Daeshiro Maikeru

Jutsu Description

Communication Seal is a Seal crafted in two separate forms. It can be applied in combat and be temporary, or outside combat it can be placed on the target with a pen used to create tag seals, the ink of which is a special blend to create a tattoo, to make a permanent effect. Once applied, this seal allows the user to temporarily form a telepathic link with the target so that they may speak back and forth without having to speak, merely having to think to converse. The temporary form used in combat will fade away a few hours after application and has a range of about mile radius. However, the permanent version is much more potent, able to stretch across most of a large continent to speak to or read the mind of the target.

Note: For the permanent skill-version of this seal, the target must buy a lower-ranked receiver skill. In the attack version, it is only a one-way communication, allowing the user to speak into the target's mind. It also makes it impossible to hide from the user when the attack is in effect.

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