Confrontation Beast Viper I
Confrontation Beast Viper I
Romaji N/A
English Confrontation Beast Viper I
Rank D
Use Transformation
Style Viper Fist
Skill Creator
Mizukiyo Chiaki
Known Users
Mizukiyo Chiaki

Skill Description

Simply put this is the first stage of a Beast Fist user's transformation. Depending on the style of the Beast Fist, it can take many different forms, but they all essentially look around the same. A cross of human and animal. As one learns to control the ki better, the transformation can make one almost appear to be fully beast like along with major changes to the physical body. In Viper Fist users, the first stage often is that small fangs poke out of the mouth, their eyes become yellow and snake-like, and their skin grows scale-like in consistency. While the outward appearance has changed a bit, the muscles inside the body has changed a lot, allowing for more speed and striking accuracy, and a natural ability for stealth much like how a viper lies in wait for its prey.

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