Constrictor Crush
Constrictor Crush
Romaji Unknown
English Constrictor Crush
Classification Ninjutsu, Hidenjutsu
Element None
Rank A
Damage Type BLUNT
Use Attack
Style Doujouji Mask Ninjutsu
Skill Modifiers Round Stun
Hit Roll Dice Nin + Int
Damage Roll Dice Seal + Sta
Skill Creator
Seishino Kanami. Nogakujin Clan.
Known Users
Seishino Kanami

Skill Description

Constrictor Crush is a Doujouji Mask Ninjutsu attack that uses the Summoning Technique. This technique summons a very large boa constrictor that erupts from the sleeve of the jutsu caster or another suitable opening, and attempts to swiftly wrap around a target, bind him or her tightly, and then CRUSH the bound enemy. Normal people could easily suffer a mixture of broken bones and ruptured organs from the force of the constriction, but even hardened ninja are not necessarily going to escape unscathed from an unnatural strong serpent of this type.

Beyond the internal damage suffered from the constriction attack, a foe ensnared in this attack will likely be kept restrained for a significant enough time for the jutsu caster to produce follow-up attacks or otherwise capitalize on the impaired state of the foe. Ninjutsu for escaping from bonds may be successful as may superhuman strength or similar, but it is generally going to be difficult regardless. Once the opponent is no longer bound, the giant boa constrictor vanishes in a cloud of smoke, returning to its home.

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