Coordinated Stealth
Coordinated Stealth
Romaji Unknown
English Coordinated Stealth
Classification Taijutsu, Kekkei Genkai
Element None
Rank D
Damage Type STEALTH
Use Attack
Style Gestalt Taijutsu Style
Skill Modifiers AoE
Skill Creator
Uchuu Clan
Known Users
Uchuu Mana and Uchuu Kana

Skill Description

This is a Taijutsu technique used by the Uchuu Clan to deceive and conceal, whether stationary or on the move. Its most common usage is to hide the fact that one of the twins is merged with the other and resting inactive, the latter secretly carrying their own reinforcements with them. But it can also represent using multiple perspectives to spot and use cover, noticing dry branches, loose pebbles, and other things that might interfere with their attempt to move silently and unnoticed.

Hit Roll Dice: Tai + Int
Style: Gestalt Taijutsu Style
Skill Mods: Area of Effect

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