Corpse-Sewing: Threading The Needle
Threading The Needle
Romaji Unknown
English Corpse-Sewing: Threading The Needle
Classification Taijutsu, Hidenjutsu, Weapon Taijutsu
Element None
Rank C
Damage Type SHARP
Use Attack
Style Corpse-Sewing Kenjutsu
Skill Modifiers Attack Stun
Skill Creator
Suzaku Yuri
Known Users
Nuibari's wielder

Skill Description

Threading The Needle is the basic method of attack for Nuibari, and the technique that has made the Sewing Needle sword infamous and feared. It involves simply throwing the sword quickly and accurately to impale and then pass right through a given opponent, leaving behind a line of wire that resembles thread. The weapon can then be caught on the other side of the opponent by a swift-enough wielder. From there, a variety of attacks are possible. If the sword pierced a vital organ — something that is very common with this attack — then the victim is likely dead or dying, and a second foe can be targetted and attacked almost instantly. Alternately, the wire can be tugged on to do additional damage — such as by pulling out innards — or be used to ensnare a foe in the wire in the event that such a victim survives.

This is essentially the lead-up to a variety of other techniques, but on its own it is simply a very deadly thrown-weapon attack. Ninja are less likely to die to Threading The Needle at this level, due to their training and reflexes. Normal people — even trained soldiers — have a much lower chance of survival.

Hit Roll Dice: Tai + Spd
Damage Roll Dice: Spd + Sta

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