Corrosive Burrow
Corrosive Burrow
Corrosive Burrow
Romaji Unknown
English Corrosive Burrow
Classification Ninjutsu
Element None
Rank D
Damage Type Insect Poison
Use Attack
Style Okumo Clan
Skill Modifiers Stamina Drain
Known Users

Corrosive Burrow

This is a skill used often enough by any Okumo adept with his spiders. It is one most often used to gather food. The particular strain of spider used in this technique hold a corrosive acid. They use this acid to tear through solid matter, that being wood, stone, ice, and given a great amount of time iron. They create holes with this substance, using it to tunnel through the ground. At the guidance of their general, The Okumo leading them, they choose a spot and pool there. Whether by command or through the sensing of vibration, when a victim gets close enough, they open the earth above them in the manner of trap door spiders. Web shoots out, copious and strong, and it is used to drag their prey into their pit.

When these spiders are sent out, they move as if it were a hunting trip, even if they are being used in battle. As such, they attack with their poison as they would with small game rather than their acid, as the corrosive substant would render the flesh it touched inedible. The pit itself, at this rank, is rather shallow, so their victim is dragged in, but not so far that a human cannot get out.

The spiders are a distinctive yellow striped brown. Their legs are long and hairy, and they have bulbous backsides with comparatively small heads. Eight small, closely-grouped eyes crowd their faces. Because of the nature of this skill, it is most often prudent to use a round setting this attack up.

This attack rolls Int + Nin to hit, and Int + Sta for damage.

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