Cure II
Cure II
Romaji Unknown
English Cure II
Classification Taijutsu
Type N/A
Rank C
Class Supplementary
Hand Seals None
Known Users
Medic Nin, Kishi Mune

Cure II

This method of curing poisons with a concocted antidote is more refined. The antidote in question is still generally useful against most types of poison and venom, but the chemical components of this cure are different enough from the base curing method that they may be less effective or completely ineffective against certain more exotic poisons or ones from rare sources. However, as a benefit this more potent cure has greater effectiveness against a specific range of venoms and poisons than the "universal" cure would have.

Hit Roll Dice: Int + Spd
Style Recommendation: Medic-Nin style.
Skill Requirements: 2 D-Rank Medic-Nin skills, one of which must be Cure I, and 1 D-Rank Taijutsu.

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