Curse Grudge Spirit Kill
Curse Grudge Spirit Kill
Romaji Ju-on Seirei Uchitoru
English Curse Grudge Spirit Kill
Classification Genjutsu, Hidenjutsu
Element None
Rank B
Damage Type No damage. PSI
Use Attack
Style Lady Aoi Mask Genjutsu
Skill Modifiers Stamina Drain, Potent Genjutsu
Hit Roll Dice Gen + Int
Skill Creator
Known Users
Seishino Kanami

Skill Description

Curse Grudge Spirit Kill is a technique available while wearing or holding the Aoi no Ue Mask. It permits the Nogakujin to generate an entity, location, scenario, or other full-sensory experience in which the victim is tormented, attacked, or otherwise harassed by sanity-destroying creatures, visions, and so forth. Because of the extremely insidious nature of this Jutsu, involving multiple levels of Genjutsu to perceive and break through, it is very difficult to prevent it… Or to escape it.

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