Daisy Shuriken
Daisy Shuriken
Romaji Unknown
English Daisy Shuriken
Classification Ninjutsu (Ninja Tool)
Element None
Rank D
Use Attack
Mods Tricky
Known Users
Yamanaka Junko

Daisy Shuriken

Daisy Shuriken is a Floral Ninjutsu attack. After removing the flowering portion of a 'common' daisy from its stem, a ninja can modify the flower to have blades concealed beneath the 'sunburst'-like petals. After practicing at throwing this innocent-looking object in the manner of a shuriken, with adjustments made for it not being designed to be aerodynamic and having different weight from standard throwing stars, the Daisy Shuriken can be hurled accurately at an opponent. Further, they tend to be thrown in multiples, with some of the flowers simply weighted to match the bladed projectiles but without containing actual blades. These weighted flowers can be used to distract or otherwise trick an enemy into defending against the wrong flowers, granting the actual Daisy Shuriken a better chance of striking. The down-side is that the modified flowers are not "real" shuriken in their own right and are unlikely to cause significant damage even when they DO hit. They lack the weight and ability to carry throwing force that a true throwing star possesses.

Hit Roll Dice: Tai + Int
Damage Roll Dice: Sta + Pow
Style: Floral Ninjutsu style.
Skill Modifiers: Tricky.

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