Dance of the Ultimate Surrounding Edge
Dance of the Ultimate Surrounding Edge
Romaji Kyuukyoku Fuchi no Mai
English Dance of the Ultimate Surrounding Edge
Classification Taijutsu
Type Kekke Genkai
Rank S
Class Offensive
Hand Seals None
Known Users
Kaguya Yasushi

Dance of the Ultimate Surrounding Edge

Kyuukyoku Fuchi no Mai. The absolute, ultimate sword technique of Kaguya Yasushi. This technqiue utilizes the Ranmyaku Ken's ability to be any sword at will to it's maximum potential. In essence, this ability is a Kaguya dance in it's own right, an extremely intricate, and perfected set of movements to fly through hundreds of different blades and styles of motion, using each weapon to the utmost effectiveness in a seamless, unpredictable string of blindingly swift attacks. The pure speed and proficiency at which this is performed is only accentuated by the subtle savagery it represents and carnage it is capable of delivering. A sheer dance of death that is just as flowing and changing as the blade that provides reason for it's graceful annihilation to be unleashed.

Hit Roll Dice: Tai Spd
Damage Roll Dice: Pow Sta
Style Recommendation: Shikotsumyaku, Legendary Kenjutsu
Skill Prerequisites: Chaos Blade, Terrible Chaos Blade, 3 A Rank
Shikotsumyaku, 1 A Rank Kenjutsu
Modifications: Attack and Defense

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