Defilement Of The Flesh
Defilement Of The Flesh
Defilement Of The Flesh
Romaji Unknown
English Defilement Of The Flesh
Classification Taijutsu
Rank A-Rank
Damage Type Acid, Poison, Sharp
Class Offensive
Style Spider Traits
Modifiers Chakra Drain, Chakra Leech, Poison, High Poison, Stamina Drain
Original Master
Known Users

— - - — - - — - Skill Description - — - - — - - —

This ability is less a technique and more an instinct. This is, simply put, an efficient version of the Okumo feeding. The ninja maneuvers themselves until they reach their prey and sink fangs into them. The fangs are holding a very swift, very potent, and very short-lived paralytic agent, that's truly only meant to hold a target immobile for the short time that the Okumo is feeding. Following piercing of the fangs, they inject acidic contents into their victim that liquifies the body tissue as well as corrodes what part of the chakra system it comes into contact with.

The Okumo then imbibes the protein soup, the chemicals they injected now infused with their prey's innards so that it returns with immediate rejuvenating properties for the clansman. This is obviously a highly dangerous attack that will lead to permanent damage unless sufficient medical treatment is sought.

Hit Roll Dice: Spd + Tai
Damage Roll Dice: Seal + Sta

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