Delusions Style
Delusions Style

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Romaji N/A
English Delusions Style
Classification Genjutsu
Type General
Rank N/A
Class Style
Hand Seals None
Known Users
Shirayuki Koseitama
Known Techniques
Play With Me

Delusions Style

This is a very unusual style of genjutsu which relies on the user's own delusions. The user must be an individual with pathological mental instability, frequently warping their own perception of reality. Rather than constructing an imaginary reality for the target with details consciously decided upon by the user, Delusions Style instead draws the target into the world which the user believes in and perceives. Where most genjutsu users have to manage a dual-minded separation between what is real and what they are causing others to experience, the user of the Delusions Style has merely to project what they already think is real upon the target. This does make the style inherently unpredictable, but the illusions projected are most often advantageous to the user, due to the self-serving bias of human nature which is even further exaggerated in those who have lost touch with rational thought.

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