Demonic Illusion: Major Wounds
Major Wounds
Romaji Magen: Abunai Kizu
English Demonic Illusion: Major Wounds
Classification Genjutsu
Element None
Rank B
Damage Type No damage. PSI.
Use Attack
Style Basic Genjutsu Style
Skill Modifiers AoE, Attack Stun, Stamina Drain
Skill Creator
Uchiha Fuyu
Known Users
Uchiha Fuyu

Skill Description

"Demonic Illusion: Major Wounds" is an improvement upon "Demonic Illusion: Serious Wounds" that can target multiple enemies. This Genjutsu, much like its predecessors, uses the illusory sensations of pain and other touch-related sensations, along with the sights and sounds of injury, to weaken one or more opponents. Though the wounds are illusory, they FEEL real to the subject, and thus even after the immediate incapacitation from pain and the shock of such severe 'injuries' has worn off, the victim will continue to feel the wounds hindering his or her movements, combat abilities, and so forth. The illusion of a broken leg will make walking extremely difficult, because the victim will truly believe the leg to be broken and his or her body will respond appropriately even though it is actually wholly intact. Likewise for broken ribs making breathing more difficult, the loss of an appendage due to the illusion of being cut off, a hole in the abdomen from which one's innards are in danger of pouring out, and similar such gruesome things.

The illusory wounds inflicted remain in place to the perceptions of the victim until his or her Chakra Network is completely flushed of the attacker's Genjutsu Chakra, such as through the Genjutsu Kai and Self-Inflict skills, even after the 'stunning' part of the attack has worn off. However, one the illusion is broken free of by such means, the wounds gradually seem to turn to bloody dust or motes of corpse-grey skin that then drift away from the victim's body, exposing that it was all a Genjutsu.

NOTE: Just believing one is under a Genjutsu does not make a character's illusory injuries feel any less real to the victim ICly.

Hit Roll Dice: Gen + Int
Skill Requirements: Demonic Illusion: Serious Wounds and 2 other C-Rank Genjutsu.

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