Demonic Illusion: Mortal Wounds
Mortal Wounds
Romaji Magen: Chimeiteki Kizu
English Demonic Illusion: Mortal Wounds
Classification Genjutsu
Type PSI
Rank A
Class Offensive
Hand Seals Unknown
Known Users
Uchiha Fuyu

Mortal Wounds

A devastating Genjutsu attack that causes those affected to experience extreme pain consistent with having suffered a lethal wound from some form of violence. The victims will cough up imaginary blood, have trouble breathing, be nearly crippled with agony, and react in all ways as though the illusiory wounds suffered are completely real. If they continue to experience these effects long enough, they may even go into a semi-conscious state from the imagined blood loss and dizziness. If the victims believe they have actually DIED from their Genjutsu-inflicted wounds, they are in danger of falling into comas. Being awakened from this coma would likely require a long period of rest in order to recover physical energy, and there is the chance that even this might not help. Advanced Medical Ninjutsu will greatly increase the chances of the afflicted individuals waking up and regaining their health. If this Genjutsu is broken, the pain and wounds will gradually lessen and then disappear, over the course of several seconds, until they are gone completely. Physical attacks or actions may be used in conjunction with this Genjutsu in order to make the illusionary wounds "make sense" to the victims.

Hit Roll Dice: Gen + Int
Style Recommendation: General Genjutsu, though especially well-suited to Genjutsu that are based upon pain and injuries or upon torture.
Skill Requirements: 3 B-Rank Genjutsu, one of which must be the B-Rank Genjutsu "Major Wounds."
Skill Modifiers: AoE, Multiple Round Stun, Potent Genjutsu, Stamina Drain, Tricky.

Obtaining permission from the skill's Author (Fuyu) is required to app for Mortal Wounds.

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