Demonic Illusion: Serious Wounds
Serious Wounds
Romaji Magen: Gen Kizu
English Demonic Illusion: Serious Wounds
Classification Genjutsu
Type PSI
Rank C
Class Offensive
Hand Seals Unknown
Known Users
Uchiha Fuyu

Serious Wounds

An improvement over "Demonic Illusion: Wounds", this technique causes the victim to experience serious pain and believe he or she has been grievously wounded somehow. He or she will see the wounds, react to the pain as though caused by real injuries, etc. If the Genjutsu is broken, the wounds and pain will gradually vanish over the course of a round, but will not immediately disappear until the attacker's Chakra has completely left the victim's body.

Hit Roll Dice: Gen + Int
Style: General Genjutsu, though especially well-suited to Genjutsu that are based upon pain and injuries or upon torture.
Skill Requirements: 2 D-Rank Genjutsu, one of which must be Wounds. The basic Genjutsu Link that is provided when one apps one's first Genjutsu Style counts towards the 3 D-Rank Genjutsu required to unlock C-Rank Genjutsu. Thus, only Genjutsu Link, Wounds, and one other D-Rank Genjutsu are needed.
Skill Modifiers: Attack Stun, Stamina Drain

Obtaining permission from the Author of this skill (Fuyu) is required to apply for Serious Wounds.

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