Diagnostic Jutsu
Diagnostic Jutsu
Romaji Unknown
English Diagnostic Jutsu
Classification Ninjutsu
Type Chakra
Rank D
Class Supplemental
Hand Seals Unknown
Known Users
Medic Nin

Diagnostic Jutsu

The Diagnostic Technique allows a Medic-Nin to analyse the condition of another's body through simply touching the individual and sending weak pulses of Chakra through him or her. The Chakra then "echoes" back all the details of the patient's body to the Medic-Nin. This Medical Ninjutsu is very complex for its rank, requiring either exceptional Chakra control, or a great deal of practice, along with a superb understanding of the human body in order to understand the information gleaned from the Diagnostic Technique's use. Despite the great degree of control necessary, this technique does not use up very much Chakra, due to the diagonistic pulses being so weak.

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