Dragon Exploding Strike Skill
Dragon Exploding Strike
Romaji Unknown
English Dragon Exploding Strike
Classification Charge Skill
Type Fire
Rank B-Rank
Class Offensive
Hand Seals None
Known Users
Uchiha Hinotori

Dragon Exploding Strike

This technique was created based off the Blaze Dash technique. By rapidly building up and channeling the fire element through the users body. When the user strikes thier opponent there is no immediate effect outside of a slight haze in the air from the impact of the blow. The opponent will first feel the heat of fire rise through them, then the sound of an explosion rocks through the opponent engulfing them in flame and sending them flying away from the user. This has the potential to stun the opponent as well, but it's mainly for heavy damage. This technigue uses the users speed, agility and strength and the need of Blaze Dash to get the desired results.

NOTE: This skill must be used twice TOTAL, once per round for two rounds, and then the Dragon Exploding Strike becomes available to use.

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