Dragon Inferno Kick
Dragon Inferno Kick
Romaji Unknown
English Dragon Inferno Kick
Classification Taijutsu, Elemental Taijutsu
Element FIRE
Rank C-Rank
Class Attack
Hand Seals N/A
Jutsu Creator
Uchiha Hinotori
Known Users
Uchiha Hinotori

Dragon Inferno Kick

The user of this technique is able to channel his explosive nature of fire into the kick as it is performed. Though with the speed of the kick hitting the opponent, chakra is also added in for added damage in the blow. How the attack looks is basically a slight hop split kick starting with the left foot, then quickly kicking out with the right foot, that makes the user look like he is doing a split in mid-air but the kick is so fast that fire seems swirl around the lower half of the user. When an opponent is hit by this attack they are engulfed in flames and the force of the kick along with the speed and chakra, the opponent is thrown backwards as if caught in an explosion.

Hit Roll Dice: Tai + Spd
Damage Roll Dice: Seal + Sta
Skill Modifiers: None
Style: Fire Manipulation, Inferno Dragon Fist
Skill Requirements: 2 D-Rank Taijutsu and 1 D-Rank Fire Ninjutsu

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