Dusk Feather Genjutsu
Dusk Feather Genjutsu
Romaji Unknown
English Dusk Feather Illusion Arts
Classification Genjutsu
Element None
Rank X
Damage Type N/A
Use Style
Style N/A
Skill Modifiers N/A
Skill Creator
Known Users
Uchuu Mana, Hakumei

Skill Description

Dusk Feather Genjutsu is a General Genjutsu style that uses the imagery of black feathers and birds to wield Genjutsu Chakra. The Genjutsu style is used to control the perceptions of other people in all the ways Genjutsu normally does, though birds, especially carrion birds like crows and ravens, play a strong influence in many of the Genjutsu that are used.

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