Earth Release: Demon Graves
Earth Release: Demon Graves
Romaji Doton: Abunai no Kijin
English Earth Style: Demon Graves
Classification Ninjutsu
Element Earth
Rank B
Damage Type Earth
Use Attack
Style Earth Manipulation
Skill Modifiers Area of Effect, Attack Stun (2), Tricky
Skill Creator
Known Users
Iwata Michiko

Skill Description

"Earth Release: Demon Graves" is an Elemental Ninjutsu Attack. The jutsu caster causes the ground behind one or more opponents who are standing more or less stationary to quietly sink lower and lower, until it forms into one or more deep pits that take the shape of graves. 'Hands' of earth swarm from the grave and attempt to grab any enemy still in range of the pit and pull him or her into the grave. 'Ribs' of stone then erupt from the sides of the pit and cross over each other, forming a tight coffin of earth-forged bones to restrict movement.

Finally, the earten pours from the surface into the pit, burying the subjects alive. For normal people, this jutsu may be seen as a death sentence, as it is unlikely a purely mundane individual could break free before suffocating. Ninja may struggle to break free, snapping the bone ribs with strength or jutsu, use other techniques that might free them, and so on.

The Demon Graves can also be controlled after the capture phase is completed by the original jutsu caster, however. The earth that surrounds a subject can be used to attack the bound victim with additional, seperate Ninjutsu, inflicting further harm upon him or her while he or she lies immobile. However, this also uses up the Chakra infused into a given Demon Grave, causing the jutsu to expire that much faster.

Hit Roll: Nin + Int
Damage Roll: None
Skill Mods: AoE, Attack Stun (2), Tricky

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