Earth Release: Earth Armor
Earth Armor
Romaji Unknown
English Earth Armor
Classification Ninjutsu
Type Earth
Rank D
Class Defensive
Hand Seals Unknown
Known Users

Earth Armor

By slamming their foot on the ground and sending a burst of chakra into it as they do so, a ninja can make the earth around them rise up and cover their entire skin like armor. Once the user has slammed his foot against the ground, the earth will cover the body in a second. The user can still move while the armor is on their skin, but their speed will be reduced by 25% when this happens. This Earth Armor will be 2 inches thick and, because of the chakra sent into it, it will be strong enough to withstand several attacks. Since the Earth Armor will take the damage of the attack instead. After which it falls back down to the ground.

This defense rolls Nin + Seal. Learning this technique requires Earth Manipulation.

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