Earth Release: Earth Dome
Earth Release: Earth Dome
Romaji Doton Kekkai: Do Domu
English Earth Style: Earth Dome
Classification Ninjutsu
Element Earth
Rank C
Damage Type Blunt Sharp Chakra Fire Ice Water Wind Lightning Poison Acid Earth Shadow Insect Smoke Seal Sound
Use Defense
Style Earth Manipulation
Skill Modifiers Damage Reduction, Versatile Defense
Skill Creator
Known Users
Hit Dice

Skill Description

The user creates a dome of earth that may be composed of tightly packed dirt, stone, or any other natural earthy material, and which protects him or her from a variety of attacks. This dome can be erected as a 'half-dome' that is essentially a curved wall and partial roof, or it can form into a full-coverage dome, depending on the needs of the user. Chakra can be used to reinforce the dome to diffuse damage, and prevent the ninja from taking the full brunt of any single attack.

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