Earth Release: Earth Style Wall
Earth Style: Earth Style Wall
Romaji Doton: Doryuuheki
English Earth Release: Earth Style Wall
Classification Ninjutsu
Element Earth
Rank B
Damage Type Blunt Sharp Chakra Fire Ice Water Wind Lightning Poison Acid Earth Shadow Insect Smoke Seal Sound
Use Defense
Style Earth
Skill Modifiers Versatile Defense, Damage Reduction
Hand Seals Unknown
Skill Creator
Known Users
Akimichi Noab Iwata Michiko
Hit Dice

Earth Style Wall

This ninjutsu is used to defend against an incoming attack by creating a solid wall of earth. Chakra is converted to earth within the body and then spat out. This earth then instantly rises up and takes the form of a wall, and then it hardens. The barrier itself is also coated with chakra, making its durability far in excess of a normal mud wall. Because of the earth's special characteristics, the wall is highly resistant against fire and water. Also, for a Kage-class shinobi it is possible to create a vast volume of earth — but this requires the ability to generate mud from within to begin with. Otherwise, the earth is provided by a suitable nearby part of the ground.

Hit Roll Dice: Nin + Seal
Style: Earth Manipulation
Skill Requirements: 2 C-Rank Earth Ninjutsu and 1 other C-Rank Ninjutsu. To create the wall without a suitable amount of earth available requires the Mud Creation skill, but it need not remain mud once it has been created. In most cases it can OOCly be assumed that sufficient earth is available ICly.
Skill Modifiers: Damage Resistance, Versatile Defense.

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