Earth Release: Earth Whirlpool
Earth Style: Earth Whirlpool
Romaji Unknown
English Earth Release: Earth Whirlpool
Classification Ninjutsu
Element Earth
Rank C
Damage Type Earth
Use Offense
Style Earth Manipulation
Skill Modifiers Area of Effect, Round Stun
Hand Seals Unknown
Skill Creator
Known Users
Iwata Michiko
Hit Dice

Earth Whirlpool

A ninja can place their palms on the ground and cause the earth to stir and spin like a whirlpool of earth. Anything captured in this whirlpool is drug down into the center, which they are trapped in if they reach it. A ninja with enough psychical strength could swim against the current of earth, or attempt to jump out. If a ninja is caught in the center, jutsu and movement is impossible and only an immensely powerful ninja could break free by sheer force.

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