Earth Release: Lucky Swamp Technique
Lucky Swamp Technique
Romaji Unknown
English Lucky Swamp Technique
Classification Ninjutsu
Type Earth
Rank A
Class Offensive
Hand Seals Unknown
Known Users
Fukuzawa Koudo

Lucky Swamp Technique

The Lucky Swamp Technique is a jutsu signature to the Fukuzawa family that can turn a large area into a muddy swamp. With earth affinity, the ninja compresses the earth all the way down to the water table to press moisture out of the ground, and further manipulating the earth they can change a large amount of ground into a special kind of mud. Anything caught in the mud will actively be pulled under and an opponent will not be able to move, neither will they be able to use chakra as well as they should be able to due to the chakra quality of the mud. The caster is then able to suck the chakra out of any opponent caught within the mud as long as he is touching the swamp in any way.

This technique rolls Nin + Seal to hit, and requres 3 B rank earth jutsu to learn.

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