Earth Release: Tremor Sense II
Earth Release: Tremor Sense II
Romaji N/A
English Tremor Sense II
Classification Ninjutsu
Element Earth
Rank C
Damage Type Stealth
Use Defense
Style Earth Manipulation
Skill Modifiers None
Skill Creator
Known Users
Parent Jutsu
Tremor Sense
Hit Rolls

Skill Description

The user focuses his chakra into the ground, attuning himself to the earth and stone around him. He can feel vibrations against the earth allowing him to feel the presence of everything touching the ground. This sensation can travel through stone, earth, sand, and even wood and metal to a lesser extent. Thanks to experience, a shinobi is able to make out greater detail than with the traditional tremor sense. The user has a more defined sense of the landscape, able to tell trees from rocks from people. The sense is more attuned to how things might move (or not move) along the ground. A static person, for example, will not emit any vibrations, but the chakra would 'bounce off' differently through a person than it would through a tree. Tremor sense acts most like a sort of echolocation. If a person is underground, then they are that much more attuned and sensitive to changes.

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