Echo Sense
Echo Sense
Romaji N/A
English Echo Sense
Classification Ninjutsu
Element Sound
Rank D
Damage Type Stealth
Use Defense
Style Sound Manipulation
Skill Modifiers None
Skill Creator
Yamayuki Clan
Known Users
Yamayuki Nozomi
Yamayuki Yume

Skill Description

Due to the Yamayuki Clan's work with sound, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the clan came up with a way to augment their senses, even for those without the Nejigan. This basic sense requires the Yamayuki to generate some kind of loud noise, be it through a single clap, a note from voice or instrument, or even a shout, so long as it is infused with chakra. The user then listens -or watches if the user has the Nejigan- for distortions in the echoing sounds. This enables the user to pick up things that they would normally not see, even if the opponent is attempting to make no noise.

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