Effortless Wound Stitching
Effortless Wound Stitching
Romaji Unknown
English Effortless Wound Stitching
Classification Ninjutsu
Element Chakra
Rank A
Use Heal
Known Users

Effortless Wound Stitching

Effortless Wound-Stitching is a Medic-Nin technique only usable while the Body Activation Technique is in place. This healing skill allows the Medic-Nin using Body Activation Technique to 'stitch', 'weave', and otherwise repair his or her body simply by concentrating on doing so. In essence, the Medic-Nin can use any part of his or her body to generate many 'micro-Chakra Scalpels' that can cut and 'reorder' flesh from one part of his or her body to replace tissue lost in another location. Further, these flesh threads can use their own 'micro-Mystical Palm Technique' to perform small-scale healing and repairing of cells and the damage caused by relocating intact skin, muscle, and so on to a new location. This is not 'regeneration' exactly, but rather reducing the damage inflicted to one location by spreading it out, and then fixing the resulting 'lesser injury' more easily due to it being less likely to threaten the Medic-Nin's life. More than one serious injury can outpace the self-repairing abilities of this technique, as can injuries too severe to fix just by spreading them out. Multiple grievous injuries can render this technique completely ineffective due to being unable to distribute the damage and then heal it before the wounds finish the Medic off.

Note: This is a self-only heal. If it is found that this heal was used on anyone other than the person who has it, it will be removed without refund.

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