Elemental Stalking Wolf
Elemental Stalking Wolf
Romaji Unknown
English Elemental Stalking Wolf
Classification Elemental Taijutsu
Element Dependent upon elements of users
Rank A+
Damage Type N/A
Use Transformation
Style Elemental Four Legged Style
Skill Modifiers Tai 4
Spd 2
Sta 4
Seal 2
Skill Creator
Inuzuka Taiki
Known Users
Inuzuka Taiki

Skill Description

Based on the Stalking Two Headed Wolf transformation, this technique combines all three dogs into one unit. Like its B+-ranked counterpart, the size of the Elemental Stalking Wolf is larger than the stalking two-headed wolf, but only by a matter of 1/4th again the size. The weight, however, is still half again the weight of the two-headed B-rank version, making certain parts of the body even more condensed than before. However, due to the nature of the dogs included, this produces a more stalwart version of the animal, allowing for more endurance, more compact chakra coils, and generally more efficient use of elemental jutsu of any kind, especially elemental taijutsu. Furthermore, working knowledge of all styles known to any one partner is shared by all, and the minds of all three are closely in synch. Not only does this allow for any ninjutus or taijutsu known to any one of the trio usable by all, but in addition collaborative styles normally requiring separate beings are usable by the beast, provided such would be physically possible. In other words, said move doesn't require attacking from two directions at the exact same time.

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