Embers On The Wind
Embers On The Wind
Embers On The Wind`
Romaji Unknown
English Embers On The Wind
Classification Ninjutsu
Element None
Rank D
Damage Type Fire
Use Attack
Style Fire Manipulation
Skill Modifiers Area of Effect
Known Users

Embers On The Wind

The user forms several handseals and takes a deep breath. Upon exhaling they blow out a small cloud of light smoke and burning embers which drift outwards to cover the immediate area as if blown by the wind. The technique covers a larger area than most D-ranks, and is quite dispersed which makes it difficult to dodge. Despite being quite hot, the embers aren't nearly as dangerous as many other fire techniques. The user's ability to mould chakra is vitally important, both for getting the maximum spread in the jutsu and making the embers as hot as possible.

This attack rolls Int + Nin to hit, and Seal + Sta for damage.

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