Explosion Manipulation
Explosion Manipulation
Romaji Bakuton
English Explosion Manipulation
Classification Ninjutsu, Kekkei Genkai
Element Combination
Rank B-Rank
Class N/A. Style
Hand Seals N/A
Known Users
Toujitakumi Clan

Explosion Manipulation

Explosion Release is an Advanced Chakra Nature derived from Fire Chakra. This Chakra Nature gives the wielder the ability to utilize explosive Chakra in combat, allowing him or her to cause explosions in objects he or she comes in contact with. The base Explosion Release Ninjutsu Style allows the user to detonate NON-LIVING objects and substances in melee range as part of his or her jutsu. This can be used in combination with Taijutsu by engulfing a fist or other body part in volatile Chakra and then striking a foe or something in the environment to release an explosive wave similar to a shaped charge. Otherwise, it acts as a deterent against enemies who prefer to get close to a target to battle, as being in melee range renders the enemy vulnerable to an explosive counter-attack!

Explosion Release can be readily combined with other types of jutsu, provided an appropriate Style or supporting skills are already known.

Style: None. Fire-derived but does not provide or require Fire Ninjutsu. Toujitakumi Clan only.

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