Extra Limb Acrobat Combo
Extra Limb Acrobat Combo

Note: image by Spirogs

Romaji N/A
English Extra Limb Acrobat Combo
Classification Taijutsu
Type Blunt
Rank B
Class Offensive
Hand Seals None
Known Users
Maneshi Shemri

Extra Limb Acrobat Combo

Using the mobility afforded by their extra limbs, the user maneuvers around their target(s) and delivers a series of quick taijutsu strikes. The emphasis of this attack is the use of the extra limbs to support positions, movements, and angles of attack that would not normally be possible, thus making it difficult to defend against. In order to use this attack against multiple targets, the targets must be reasonably close together.

Hit Roll Dice: Tai + Spd
Damage Roll Dice: Seal + Pow
Style Recommendation: Extra Limb
Skill Prerequisites: 2 C-Rank Extra Limb techniques and 1 C-Rank Taijutsu

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