Extra Limb Evasion
Extra Limb Evasion

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Romaji N/A
English Extra Limb Evasion
Classification Taijutsu
Type Evasion
Rank B
Class Defensive
Hand Seals None
Known Users
Maneshi Shemri

Extra Limb Evasion

The user evades an attack by using their extra limbs for mobility. At B-rank, the strength of extra limbs approaches that of real muscle, and can easily support the user's weight. This makes evading with extra limbs a fairly effortless defense, though not as effective as most other defenses that are B-rank difficulty to learn.

The user has two 'mode' options for using extra limbs at B-rank. One is to have four active extra limbs, each approximately one meter in length. This method is useful for allowing quick, short jerks of movement and moving along surfaces using tree walking, or for dividing the limbs' functions between mobility and attack. The other mode allows two active extra limbs, each approximately three meters in length. This method is ideal for moving long distances and swinging from graspable objects or surfaces. Switching between modes is a matter of RP discretion, and not governed by the combat system.

Hit Roll Dice: Seal + Spd
Style Recommendation: Extra Limb
Skill Prerequisites: 2 C-Rank Extra Limb techniques and 1 C-Rank Taijutsu
Skill Modifiers: Inexpensive Defense

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