Extra Limb Guard
Extra Limb Guard
Romaji N/A
English Extra Limb Guard
Classification Taijutsu
Type Block
Rank B
Class Defensive
Hand Seals None
Known Users
Maneshi Shemri

Extra Limb Guard

The user blocks an attack by using their extra limbs in addition to their natural ones. At B-rank, the strength of extra limbs approaches that of real muscle, making it feasible to halt blows with them. The many limbs can be used to defend against multiple dangers at once, or combine their strength to fend off powerful blows. The extra limbs can also contort and reach defensive positions which natural ones could not. It is assumed that the limbs will typically be holding weapons such as kunai to effectively block attacks which would be dangerous to block by hand, though Extra Limb Guard can also be RPed as using the limbs themselves to block when appropriate.

Note that this defense is for use against attacks that could also reasonably be stopped by a regular weapon block. The non-solid types — chakra, fire, water, wind, lightning, and acid — are included in the damage types of this defense ONLY to prevent partial damage when deflecting an attack which has that as a secondary type, for example a kunai imbued with an element. Thus, Extra Limb Guard cannot be used to defend against attacks that cannot be deflected, i.e. a fireball.

Hit Roll Dice: Tai + Seal
Style Recommendation: Extra Limb
Skill Prerequisites: 2 C-Rank Extra Limb techniques and 1 C-Rank Taijutsu

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