False And Enhanced Hands
False And Enhanced Hands
False And Enhanced Hands
Romaji Unknown
English False And Enhanced Hands
Classification Genjutsu
Element None
Rank D
Damage Type Psi
Use Attack
Style Akimichi Style Taijutsu
Skill Modifiers Attack Stun
Known Users

False And Enhanced Hands

The Akimichi can sure get big when they wanna, huh? Well, those kids in Konoha dont know what growing themselves like that in front of a kid like Sekisetsu, will one day get them. The opponent will see an enlarged hand or two, come upon them to ensnare them. They'll feel a rough grip ensnare their entire form, causing them to stop just momentarily, long enough for either a small opening for an attack or even a small diversion for escape. In actuality, it's only a genjutsu.

This attack rolls Gen + Int to hit.

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