False Immortality
False Immortality
Romaji Unknown
English False Immortality
Classification Varies. Hidenjutsu.
Element None
Rank A
Damage Type N/A
Use Skill
Style None. False Immortal Clan only.
Skill Modifiers None
Skill Creator
Known Users
Ghoul of the Desert, Harada Misayo

Skill Description

This is a unique trait for members of the False Immortals Clan. False Immortality is — as described in +news False Immortals, +news False Immortals2, +news False Immortals3, and +news False Immortals4 — an alteration to the body/self that has occurred either accidentally, or through purposeful inquiry on the part of the recipient, in an attempt to cheat death. This apparent success in becoming immortal is merely an illusion, however.

Those with the False Immortality trait can apply for unique 'Clan Styles' of their own devising that are based upon their status as False Immortals or which are only possible because of that status. The exact details of a given Style must be determined between the player and Staff.

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