False Step of the Sea Breeze
False Step of the Sea Breeze
Romaji Shiokaze no Ryoukenchigai
English False Step of the Sea Breeze
Classification Taijutsu
Type Unknown
Rank C
Class Defensive
Hand Seals Unknown
Known Users
Kaguya Yasushi
Kaguya Yuuka

False Step of the Sea Breeze

The Shiokaze no Ryoukenchigai defense is based off of instantaneous reactions to the sensing of the change in air pressure from an attack. Yasushis body will feel the incoming blows force, and react naturally to it, allowing the force to dictate his evasive movements for him.

This defense rolls Tai + Spd. Learning this defense requires the Evening Tide Taijutsu style, and 3 D rank Taijutsu.

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