False Strike
False Strike
False Strike
Romaji Unknown
English False Strike
Classification Genjutsu
Element None
Rank D
Damage Type Sharp
Use Attack
Style Basic Genjutsu Style
Skill Modifiers Damage Genjutsu
Known Users

False Strike

Warping the perception of their weapons, the ninja can seem to be striking from multiple places at the same time. The most common application of this technique is to appear to be throwing three kunai or shuriken, when in fact only one of them is the real weapon. This makes it much more difficult to dodge than normal attacks of a similar bent, depending on how sharp the eyes of the opponent are, in determining which weapon is the real one. However, it can also be used in close combat, to obscure which slashing arm is the real arm, or which direction the blow is coming in from when circling the opponent.

This attack rolls Gen + Spd to hit, and Pow + Sta for damage.

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