Familiar Henge Technique
Familiar Henge Technique
Romaji Unknown
English Familiar Transformation Technique
Classification Ninjutsu
Type Stealth (Other)
Rank E-Rank
Class Supplementary
Hand Seals Unknown
Known Users
General. Hirugaki Hisu

Familiar Transformation Technique

This variation of Henge no Jutsu — the Transformation Technique — requires so little focus and energy that it can be maintained effectively constantly. This is due to spending long periods of time practicing with it, learning how to most efficiently maintain a specific form, and even learning to maintain it while asleep. However, there are two major limitations. The first limitation is that it can NOT be maintained in ANY combat situation. The moment the stress of combat is upon the user, the transformation de-activates. If struck or if evading an attack or anything else combat-related, this Ninjutsu is cancelled automatically.

The second limitation is that this Transformation only allows a single alternate appearance for the user, and that appearance is of a very specific type. The changes wrought upon the user's appearance are those of the opposite gender. The individual looks exactly the same, except for having the appropriate build, features, and anatomy for the gender OPPOSITE of his or her natural one. Even though the Henge applies the illusion of different physiology, the time spent practicing to maintain this form allows the ninja to use the same physical mannerisms and body language that a member of the opposite sex would, in most social situations.

It is important to note that though this Jutsu mimics the male/female version of the user, it is not an actual biological transformation. A change of THAT level would be much harder to accomplish than a mere E-Rank.

Hit Roll Dice: Nin + Int
Style Recommendation: General Ninjutsu.
Skill Requirements: Must be able to use the skill and attack versions of normal "Henge".
Skill Modifiers: Attack & Skill.

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