Feline Fusion II
Feline Fusion II

Note: image is fanart by SamwiseTheAwesome

Romaji N/A
English Feline Fusion II
Classification Transformation
Type None
Rank B
Class Supplementary
Hand Seals Unknown
Known Users
Maneshi Shemri

Feline Fusion II

The user's cat companion transforms and attaches itself to the user, becoming an extension of his or her body. Chakra signals between the user and the cat act like nerve impulses, allowing the user to directly control the cat's movements and feel what the cat feels. The cat also retains a limited degree of autonomy, allowing it to act without "orders" from the user.

At B-rank, Feline Fusion extends the gauntlet down the user's back to the base of their spine, and sprouts outward into a meter-length tail much like that of an actual cat. This tail is as strong as the gauntleted arm and can readily wield weapons, lash out physically, or block attacks, thus increasing the user's overall taijutsu ability. It is worth noting that abilities above B-rank in the Extra Limb style require a flesh-and-blood extra limb of this sort, although Feline Fusion is not necessarily the only means to achieve such a limb.

Style Recommendation: Maneshi clan member.
Skill Prerequisites: Feline Fusion

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