Fire Release: Fire Dodge
Fire Dodge
Romaji Unknown
English Fire Dodge
Classification Ninjutsu
Element Fire
Rank C
Damage Type Blunt, Sharp, Earth, Wind, Fire, Lightning, Water, Insect, Shadow, Seal, Smoke, Sound, Chakra, Ice, Acid
Use Defense
Style Fire Manipulation
Skill Modifiers Versatile Defense + Damage Reduction
Skill Creator
Known Users
Sarutobi Zankuro

Skill Description

This Fire Release Ninjutsu is performed with the hand seals 'Dog, Bird, Tiger'. By breathing out a sudden and concentrated blast of flame from one's mouth, the jutsu caster is able to use the Chakra-powered fire as a method of propulsion. Much like how a rocket works, the force of the expelled fire sends the user flying away from his or her current position. This enables a faster method of dodging most incoming attacks. The direction of the temporary 'flight' is controlled simply by turning the head and thus adjusting where the flame propulsion is headed.

It should be noted that this does NOT permit true flight, and is more of an augmentation of jumping than anything else. However, expelling a close-range mass of high-temperature fire can set the ground and nearby objects aflame, as well as simply producing a barrier that may discourage pursuit by an enemy or conceal the ninja well enough that attempts to strike through the flames are not as accurate. The damage inflicted from a successfull attack may still be serious, but not AS serious as it might have been otherwise.

Hit Roll Dice: Nin + Seal

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