Flame Seal I
Romaji Unknown
English Flame Seal I
Classification Ninjutsu
Element Fire
Rank D
Dmg Type Fire
Use Attack
Known Users
Rankoro Akuro

Jutsu Description

Flame Seal I is the first in the set of Flame Seals used with Rankoro Elemental Calligraphy. There are a few different ways for this to be done. A common way used by the originator of this attack is to have a tag or card already prepared with the seal on it. The tag or card would have a small fuse on it that could be lit by a match, lighter, torch, etc., or be contained in a small box with a mechanism that lights the fuse. When the flame reaches the paper, it reacts with the seal and activates the technique, causing a burst of flame meant to set its target ablaze. Another way is for the seal to be drawn on a source of flame.

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