Flame Seal II
Romaji Unknown
English Flame Seal II
Classification Ninjutsu
Element Fire
Rank C
Dmg Type Fire
Use Attack
Known Users
Rankoro Akuro

Jutsu Description

Flame Seal II is the second technique in the set of Flame Seals used with Rankoro Elemental Calligraphy. There are a few different ways for this to be done. A common way used by the originator of this attack is to have a tag or card already prepared with the seal on it. The tag or card would have a small fuse on it that could be lit by a match, lighter, torch, etc., or be contained in a small box with a mechanism that lights the fuse. The fuse on this one would be thicker and create a larger flame, and the seal made to make a much larger burst of flame with a wider radius. When the flame reaches the paper, it reacts with the seal and activates the technique, causing a burst of flame meant to set its target(s) ablaze. Another way is for the seal to be drawn on a source of flame.

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