Flesh Release: Watching Your Step I
Watching Your Step I
Romaji Unknown
English Watching Your Step (I)
Classification Ninjutsu
Type Flesh
Rank E
Class Defensive
Hand Seals Unknown
Known Users
Iga Clan

Watching Your Step I

User of the shiryoku flesh manipulation expels a trail of eye balls. These allow them to view the battlefield from multiple points of view, and better avoid attacks directed at them. Some Iga even sacrifice some of these eyeballs, manipulating into the path of their opponents to cause their attack to be just off balance enough for the Iga's dodge to succeed. Unfourtunatly, that use of this technique is mostly earthbound due to the lack of real power to lift the eyes no more than a few feet from the ground, and even that stretches the optic nerves connecting the eyes to their masses of flesh anchoring them to the ground.

This defense rolls Nin + Int.

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