Flight of the Oni
Flight ofthe Oni
Romaji Oni no Hiko
English Flight of the Oni
Classification Ninjutsu
Type No Element
Rank D
Class Supplementary
Hand Seals Unknown
Known Users

Flight of the Oni

Author: Onimitsu
Stamina Cost: 100
Chakra Cost: 100
This skill modifies the user's chakra by -15 per action.

Description: A special ability of Onimitsu second evolution of his weapon and sword that allows for the wings on his back to be used both in and out of combat. Chakra is it's main source of power and while in flight Onimitsu can only bear the weightof nothing extra greater then his own natural body weight outside of the armor. It is possible to damage the wings with sufficient power and make Onimitsu earthbound completely again, but in time the wings will heal just like any other organic creature.

English Name: Flight of the Oni
Style Recommendation: Manji Style Taijutsu
Skill Requirements: Inner Oni Crimson transformation.

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