Flood of Spirit
Romaji Unknown
English Flood of Spirit
Classification Ninjutsu
Element Chakra
Rank S
Use Heal
Known Users

Flood of Spirit

Mushi uses her living, flowing chakra to directly transfer into her patient's body to bring them back from the brink of dying or death itself. Her chakra functions as life support, not only saturating the patient but also moving by itself to sustain the person. Once the body is "soaked" with her chakra, she uses solid wedges of chakra to crack open every chakra gate, which takes masterful unsealing experience. The drained gates suck in the chakra, but also push it out to revive the Chakra Circulatory System with Mushi's encouragement.

She not only puts her chakra into this, but fills the body with oxygen and her blood mixed with her chakra. It's to revitalize the spiritual and physical processes within the body, particularly the brain, almost as if her spirit is forcing the person's revival. As the body revives, the chakra wedged within the gates begin to naturally dissolve and send a wave of powerful healing through the person, extensively restoring and mending the person's body in the more conventional form of healing.

The success rate of this technique declines after death, because vital nutrients and body parts begin to decay. After an hour the success rate lowers, and after a day it plummets. Flood of Spirit is a forbidden technique because it's extremely taxing on the healer herself.

RP: Special staff permission is required to use this move after someone has died. The recovery process can take days to months of bed rest, depending on whether the person was still dying, dead, or dead for a longer.

English Name: Flood of Spirit
Hit Roll Dice: Nin + Int
Damage Roll Dice: Seal + Sta
Skill Requirements: 2 A-Rank Heals

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