Floral Ninjutsu
Floral Ninjutsu
Romaji Unknown
English Floral Ninja Techniques
Classification Ninjutsu, Ninja Tools
Element N/A
Rank D
Dmg Type N/A
Use Style
Known Users
Yamanaka Clan, Yamanaka Junko

Floral Ninjutsu

Floral Ninjutsu is a General Ninjutsu Style that physically incorporates flowers into various techniques that are compareable to refined or stylized basic Ninjutsu or ninja tool Ninjutsu. These techniques thematically rely upon flowers, flower-related plant-segments, and derivative products of flowers — such as flower petals, blossoms, perfumes and so forth — but such materials can NOT be "created". This is NOT an Elemental Ninjutsu Style, it does NOT allow for "controlling plants", rapid plant growth, or any other feats that would fall under "Wood Manipulation" or "Plant Manipulation". The flowers used are generally going to have to already have been removed from their originating plants and physically prepared for use as ninja tools.

NOTE: Gunpowder stuffed into water lilies to act as traps, throwing blades disguised as roses, corpse plant-flowers to nauseate an opponent or disrupt tracking by scent-sensitive pursuers, and similar are all examples of fitting techniques. Many others are possible, but the flowers MUST actually be MANUALLY MODIFIED for Ninjutsu use and NOT just posed as being magicked out of nowhere nor plucked and tossed at someone with the expectation it will magically perform a jutsu on its own. Also keep in mind that dry and dead flowers are not generally useful for much, and using Scrolls to cart around lots of fresh roses is NOT viable. No living thing can be stored in a Scroll and fresh flowers remain alive for quite awhile if tended to properly. The point at which they become dry and rotten is when they are dying or already dead. However, flower-related products and derivatives of flowers, such as perfumes, nectar, sap, and so on can be stored readily.

Style: Requires Yamanaka Clan membership.

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